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Growing up, Tiffany Nichols was always drawn to the idea of being an electrician, but her transition to the industry didn’t happen until she was 26.

“I was whingeing to my brother about how I wish I’d done an apprenticeship,” says Tiffany. “I think I was 26 at the time, and I was saying I was too old now to do it. Then his boss offered me a mature-age apprenticeship.”

She leapt at the opportunity and began working with her brother at the Heat Pump Shop. She’s just completed her apprenticeship and has started working as a residential electrician at HIB Electrical.

“I’ll never look back”

Tiffany counts her brother as a mentor, and has had two fantastic bosses since beginning her apprenticeship.

“My brother, he’s a refrigeration mechanic. He’s got a lot of background knowledge on electrical as well, he pretty much was my go-to for anything. I still fall back to him a lot with stupid questions! Everyone I’ve worked for, they’ve been really supportive.

“It’s the best thing I’ve ever done, I’ll never look back. We’re well respected, especially at my work. It’s an awesome career path, good money, you meet new people.”

Pride in a job well done

Tiffany loves the variety of work as a residential electrician, and says customers are always surprised to see a female sparky.

“Every job I do, someone will comment saying how great it is, they’ll always compliment you on how good your work is. Even though your work is probably the same as what the boys have done, everyone just loves seeing females out there!

It’s a small team at HIB Electrical, and Tiffany relishes knowing that the quality of her work directly impacts the business’ reputation.

“You don’t want someone coming into your house, doing the work then just leaving a mess. If you clean up after yourself and make it as it was or even better, then that customer’s going to want to use you again.

She’s looking forward to helping others get their start in the industry.

I’ve just met awesome people. I've learned a lot, even everyday skills, like I can go home and do things around the house now knowing how to use all the tools, not just electrical.
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